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Anyone with back problems to begin with having TT surgery? Scared about what that will be like...

  • SassyDrMom
  • East Texas, PA
  • 1 year ago

I know that after a TT - people with great backs have a lot of back pain. What about those of you with already existing back issues. (ie: DDD or bulging disc or muscle weakness)?  Trying to be positive and proactive - stretching and continuing to walk and exercise up until my procedure. Love to hear from others with similar issues...

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when is your procedure? what problems do you currently suffer from?
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July 19th - I've got DDD in lower lumbar, and a bulging disc at L5/S1. I've also got some SI joint issues but I'm trying to be positive and hope that all will be well. :)
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I am 26 with ddd and sPinal stenosis of cervical and thoracic. I'm getting a tt with lipo abd a fat graft to my tush. I'm nervous and excited. Glad I'll look good though this neck\back pain is ruining my quality of life:( it's discouraging
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I have DDD and have had 2 lumbar discectomies prior to my TT Surgery. I am 4 weeks post-op. I will be honest the most difficult part for me during week 2 & 3 was not being able to stand up. I am pulled so tightly downward, it was like hanging an anchor off of my neck and trying to stand straight up. My back muscles (under my shoulder blades) would be so much tired and in pain. One night I got the fabulous idea and put my TENS unit on, under my compression garment, while I relaxed. It helped me feel better. Unfortunately, it wasn't until week 2, that my nurse told me to 'force myself' to stand straight. Here I am, at week 4 and it is finally easier. But as far as nerve or disc issues, I have not had any from the TT surgery. When I lie on my back, I always have another pillow under my knees. If I lie on my side, I put the pillow between my knees. If I can offer any suggestion prior to your sugery, I would recommend working on the CORE muscles, like planks and whatever CORE exercises you can do.
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I have sciatica pain on my left side and have been concerned as well about the hunched over part of the recovery. I have been walking and stretching alot too. Hoping that will help!
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