Lower back pain after TT??? TT on JULY 1st

  • TT_July1 2011
  • Clarksville, TN
  • 3 years ago

Is it from not standing up straight or being in the upright position in the recliner? The longer I'm up the worse it hurts. I start back to work tomorrow I am trying to figure out what i am doing to cause this so i can change it . thanks :D

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The back is going to hurt for a number of reasons.  Laying on it, being hunched over, the tightness from your tummy and also from walking funny. 

It will ease up but takes some time.  Try ice packs, massage, and laying flat on the bed and stretching out a bit.  Start slow with this and try to lay for five minutes at a time. 

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That was really helpfull, i just had surgery four days and my back is killing me other than that i feel just fine. i can almost stand straight already and move around easily....
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Just remember that this recovery takes time so please have patience.
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