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Will this ever go back to normal? Need help :(

  • KaylaB
  • Washington, DC
  • 3 years ago

Hi. I cannot believe all I have read here. I am completely devastated. I have had Botox in between my eyebrows 5 months ago today and while I am just now STARTING to recover from the severe back/neck pain, anxiety and severe depression that had me in and out of hospitals for months I am looking so so bad still I cannot believe it. I have depressions of the skin above my lip and next to my eyes, cheek ptosis and very sunken tear troughs that make me look 80 years old. I am only 37 :( I am 5 months out now and things look just as bad if not worse. Can someone please tell me if they had these sunken tear troughs and if and when this will go back to normal? Has anyone had this with the sunken tear troughs and cheek ptosis and had their face go back to normal? I am beside myself...and with the panic attacks and depression that I am still having this is just too much. I do not leave my house I am so horrified by this. I need some hope so so badly. Please help :(