Back fat removed(?)but skin not looking so good :(

  • carol m
  • 2 years ago

I had smart lipo 10 days ago. My stomach looks good.. the skin seems to be tightening, but my back rolls look like I didn't do anything to them at all.. I had my follow up yesterday.. he said it may be "genetics" .. I am wondering if anyone had this done and had to wait for the skin to tighten. I am concerned because of the way my stomach looks compared to my back.

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it takes time for the skin drape back or come back again, 6 months up to a year, maybe your skin was kinda loose before the procedure, if you remove more fat, it will look looser ?

Hi Carol,

Welcome! Have you looked through the Smart Lipo reviews? There's a lot of good information and true experiences in them, from our community members. It may be a great place for you to find the answers you're looking for. I know our community members are always willing to help with advice and support. Ask some questions and/or send some PMs.

I hope this helps!