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I am being sent back and forth for Botox for medical reasons why is it so ?

  • Belledajour
  • Carson City, NV
  • 3 years ago

I was diagnosed with Occukar Neuropathy terated with Botox and it worked. I camw back to the Dr who because I was having some other muscle twitiches to got to a movemnt disorder specilaist. I went to 3  Nurologist, had CAT scans, EEg, EMG's and paid each bill with their answer that I was free of any secondary problems. It was just a family thing. So with all these things that were done to make sure I was okay and my Occular Neurologist had an appointment for I was having the eye twitches again...I was told that even with insurance and her diagnosis that she makes no money off these iinjections. She told me to see one more Neurologist that works  only on movement disorders. I waited after I was approved by insurance for 2 more i njections to be used  by a certain amoun of time used for this condition. Three months ago yesterday I saw a very good Neurologist who said I had no reason not have the Botox but she would put it under the fact that I get migraines and she doesn't inject form that. I was given a card of a Neurologist I had seen 6 year or more ago. Why is it so hard to get treatment with money and insurance paying and when I ask why can't I just see a BCPS they say it has to be a Neurologist when they just told me that I had to change it to getting injections for migraines? I see who I am told to do as I am told to do but the run around from one to another has shown I am okay have Botox but for aniother rreason with another specialist. I am feeling like everything I do to be a proper patient is falling flat as getting what is suggested. I realize that this not money maker for these Drs. but they leave me wonderting and with a headache:)