I am having BA surgery in 3 days and am starting to get very nervous and am questioning if I am making the right decision.

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  • 2 years ago

I have been thinking about this surgery for years and have had several consultations and previously had the surgery scheduled and then cancelled it.  I paid for it today, so it looks like I will be going through with it this time. I have two girls that are 9 and 11 and I want to be sending the right message to them.  I told them I was having my boobs fixed to how they used to look, although in reality they should look much better than they ever have.  I am very nervous about recovery time and need to get back to work within a few days.  Is anyone else feeling nervous about upcoming surgery?  I am worried what if they look worse or the surgery does not accomplish what I hope it will? 

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I'm glad your surgery went well! I have 3 children 2 girls 12&8 and a son 7. I BF all 3 and they have even commented on how "saggy" my boobs are! I told them I was having them "fixed, put back where they used to be" They have been very understanding and supportive. My husband is also supportive however, I can tell he is a little nervous about the attention he thinks I'll be getting. My surgery is in 3 days! 5/17 and I am so nervous about the recovery process. We are a very active family with all the kids in multiple sports and I need to be feeling decent asap. I hope to be at the ballpark on Saturday....we'll see!
The surgery went really well. It really helps to have a supportive husband, great nurses and doctors and family comforting and reassuring you. Today is a difficult day so far with my chest feeling like I have a stack of bricks on it. Can't wait for that feeling to go away. I like the word recosntruction as well. That makes sense and is a great way to explain it to my girls.

I totally understand how you're feeling! It's so hard to trust in a surgeon (another human being) to give you exactly what you want. And even moreso with kids. I really like the word "reconstruction", since after you've been pregnant, that's essentially what this is (who cares if you look a little better afterward. You deserve it!)

It's clear that you really want this, so I hope you're able to see it through and get what you hope for. Make sure you've communicated thoroughly with your doctor and keep us posted!