Getting BA redone?

  • Gbaby1031
  • North Carolina
  • 1 year ago

I am in the"maybe yes, maybe no" stage of getting implants and trying to learn as much as I can about everything implant related. Does anyone have any information on having to get implants redone? If there are no complications or leaks, do you still have to get them redone? Is it like having the same surgery all over again (cost, recovery time, etc)? What are statistics on how often the are complications or illness caused by implants? Is it common for health insurance to drop you as a client or not cover any of the procedures if there are complications or illness from implants? Will I have to keep getting them redone every 10 years for the rest of my life? Or when an elderly person finally is done with implants, is the breast skin and tissue going to be really saggy?

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You have asked many great questions! RealSelf has an entire community dedicated to Breast Implant Revisions. You may want to read some reviews to get a feel for the various reasons women get revisions. Reasons may include complications from the first surgery, dissatisfaction in size and occasionally leaks...but not often. You will also see pricing and yes, it is often similar to the first surgery as you still need to pay for the an anesthesiologist and the facility. I have not heard of health insurance plans dropping patients as most of this is elective surgery where you pay for everything anyway. Good luck with your research!

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