Past BA/Implants removed - Told I need full lift w/ implants - Advice Please!

  • c_cruz
  • Georgia, GA
  • 10 months ago

44 yrs old. 5'3"; 130 lbs. Breastfed 3 kids. 2000:I went to PS -did not want to be bigger, but wanted to replace loss after breastfeeding. I let the PS decide. I came out w/ 300cc overs, smooth, round, Saline. They were great 1st 6 mos. Then they became heavy, & my nipples pointed down. 2011:Implants removed. 2012: Consult #1: PS stated that she would have never gone larger than 225-250cc for my petite frame. 2013: Consult #2: PS recommended full anchor lift w/ 275cc silicone mods, under. and Consult #3: PS recommended full anchor lift w/ 350-400cc - he decides in OR - Silicone HP unders. I am 13cm diameter. I want the tight, youthful, pass the pencil test look. I am confused about the different size/type recommendations. I would like to be a full C-D when done. I love the PS in consult #3, but have heard horror stories of HP implants not dropping right, and square frankenboobs. Silicone scares me as well, but seems to look better than saline. I also am trying not to focus on the cc number thing. But I am "gun shy" now w/ my past experience. I do not want to be a huge freak. Any advice is greatly appreciated!