Past BA/Implants removed - Told I need full lift w/ implants - Advice Please!

  • c_cruz
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  • 9 months ago

44 yrs old. 5'3"; 130 lbs. Breastfed 3 kids. 2000:I went to PS -did not want to be bigger, but wanted to replace loss after breastfeeding. I let the PS decide. I came out w/ 300cc overs, smooth, round, Saline. They were great 1st 6 mos. Then they became heavy, & my nipples pointed down. 2011:Implants removed. 2012: Consult #1: PS stated that she would have never gone larger than 225-250cc for my petite frame. 2013: Consult #2: PS recommended full anchor lift w/ 275cc silicone mods, under. and Consult #3: PS recommended full anchor lift w/ 350-400cc - he decides in OR - Silicone HP unders. I am 13cm diameter. I want the tight, youthful, pass the pencil test look. I am confused about the different size/type recommendations. I would like to be a full C-D when done. I love the PS in consult #3, but have heard horror stories of HP implants not dropping right, and square frankenboobs. Silicone scares me as well, but seems to look better than saline. I also am trying not to focus on the cc number thing. But I am "gun shy" now w/ my past experience. I do not want to be a huge freak. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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My breasts are very similar to yours. I have a pre-op consultation with my surgeon to decide whether or not I can get saline implants now and do the lift a year or so down the road. The doctors on here strongly advise that I have the lift FIRST. My goal at this point is to create more volume, and a rounded/full appearance; the sagginess itself does not concern me that much unless the surgeon feels that if I went with just the implants, that it would produce the "double-bubble" or "snoopy deformity." Thank you for posting pics regarding your first implant procedure, I found that extremely helpful. If I could afford it, I would do the lift first. I think if you can, you should have the lift and recover before you decide on implants. A friend of mine wanted implants (she was a 38D with saggy breasts after children and breastfeeding), and her surgeon recommended the lift first. She did the lift, and was so pleased with the results, she decided to skip the implants. I hope that helps you a little bit.
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