I Will Be Having a BA + a BBL in Dec. What Items Should I Start Getting That Will Be Helpful to Stay Comfortable?

  • GiveMeThatHourglassBody
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 1 year ago

(Special Pillows, items that help me get up...) My biggest concern is how on earth I am going to sleep. Thanks! -Is the Descansa Breast Pillow worth buying? 

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Heat pad your back gonna hurt yes wedge pillows 3 days sleep in recliner take pain meds a big soft pillow for your butt to sit on when you move to the bed sleep elevated 2 wedge under ur back and soft bitty pillow have help to get up and down when I couldn't do it alone I rolled off the bed but 2 weeks later I'm pain free laying flat and on my side with my confey pillow keep us posted :)
Thank you so much! Good idea with the heat pad! I'm going to start buying all this stuff now to get ready!
I think most bbl docs say no heating pad!! ice pack only for the back. You won't be able to sit on any comfy pillows. You'll have to lay on your belly with a bbl. I would check out other ladies sites that have had both at the same time because I definitely would not recommend both. You will go through hedoublell trying to sleep just from the bbl itself. Best wishes! Can't wait to see pics and see how you manage both!! :) Good luck!
Hey Sam! Is funny that you mentioned not recommending both. I've been debating this past week wether to do it or not, and I've decided not to go through with it. I will only be doing the Breast Augmentation with lift and deal with one pain at the time. I am glad you are re-asuring me of my decision! :D