Considering BA and TT but worried about future issues with BA... how do you calm your fears

  • HTownMomof3
  • 2 years ago

I have decided to do a TT.  Being 41 and mom of 3 kids, my stomach needs it.  I wasn't going to do BA but recently considered it and my deflated boobs could use some work.  After breast feeding 3 kids, they are deflated.  Not saggy but less full than what they used to be.  Anyway, I have been pretty excited about the BA too but then started reading about how it's recommended that you get MRI's every few years to check on the silicone implants and that you might need to replace them after about 10 yrs and I don't want anymore surgery after this is all done.  I was all excited about new boobs but now I'm wondering if the benefits are worth it.  Anyone think about this or is it just me?  

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Well, the first ps I went to see said I don't need a lift so not sure fat transfer would work? Never heard of that procedure. I have had more time to think and am slowly becoming more okay with the implants. I figure I'll need at least 1 or 2 revisions so as long as I know ahead of time and am okay with it, I can do it. Plus, maybe in 10-12 years I'll want something else done anyway, LOL. Thank you for your response to my concerns. Am contemplating saline vs silicone now.

Your concern is a very valid one. You might want to consider a lift and fat transfer? Doctors definitely aren't as excited about fat transfer as implants, but it is an option for some ladies. Implants are dramatic and will bring about a big change that you might just love, though you will likely need a revision or two during your lifetime. Hopefully some other ladies will chime in on this. Let us know what you decide to do!