Had anyone had BA and BBL at the same time?

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I am checking out Dr Duran in DR and would like to meet some young ladies who had had they BA's done by her. I've seen several great BBL's but hardly no BA's.

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Mz Juicy...i had both procedures done with Campos in Mar 2012. The recovery depends on the individual but for me the boobs were the easiest part of the recovery. Having my boobs go from a sloppy C to a perky DD, made the aggressive lipo Campos did to my kangaroo pouch look even flatter. I'm headed to Duran for R2 May 2nd...now I need some shaping/hips. I would recommend having both done at the same time as it helps you achieve that hour glass look but be sure you're healthy. Lipo is painful and draining physically. Last I had the incision around my nipples ONLY, not the lollipop scar that goes down the front of the breast. that helped with healing I think.
Yes, on March 20th I had my BA and BBL done. I think it has made recovery more difficult because I cannot lay on my back or stomach but I think in the long run it will be better because I got the both done at the same time. If you have any questions just let me know.
I have a question so how did you go to sleep on your side? Also how long did the recovery take till you can work again. Which is more painfull? I want to do both but so scare of the pain if the meds really help then it should not be too bad I hope please share me you whole experience. I am interested about how is the experience with using the bathroom as well did you need someone to help u?
I think I'm going to just have the bbl with DrDuran and get my tata's with Dr Clayman.

Hi there, welcome!

I've posted some links below for you, to some reviews where the ladies are having both BBL and BA. Hope this helps!




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You might get quite a few more results if you use the search box and type in "BBL and BA".