Awareness During Surgery For BA and TT?

  • angelface2189
  • oklahoma
  • 1 year ago

Im scheduled for a BA and TT March 15th. I'm very excited but also nervous. I dont worry about it much during the day but at night I've been having trouble sleeping because I'm scared I'm going to wake up paralyzed duringmy surgery and feel everything! This scares me much more than the pain during recovery or even death! I've had an appendectomy and a c-section so its not my first surgery, so Ive been through this rodeo before, but I didnt have time to dwell on this worry before either.

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Wow I wasn't worried about that but I am now! No , I'm kind of joking. I have an abnormal fear of getting a dvt , it then throwing a clot toy lungs and dying on the table. All because I wanted to look better. I have also had my appendix out and have had 3 c sections. I was not this nervous for that---it's because it's something I had to do. I think that's why I'm so nervous. I have three children and don't want to leave them by also been thinking about this for years and sick of being unhappy woth how I look when I work out like a maniac. Hopefully, we will both be posting awesome after stories soon!
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I understand your reservations about your kids. Im struggling with the guilt of the money im spending that I could use for my daughters future or making her life better, and yeah im terrified that I will leave her motherless. Im also kind of feeling guilty that I wont be able to care for her as normal while im recovering. Her dad is keeping her for two weeks after my surgery but im hoping that after the first weekI can take her back with help from my vboyfriend (lifting her and baths and stuff). But ive also weighed in that ive been unhappy with my body and I always told myself if I lost my extra weight I would reward myself with this. I agree that the fears of this surgery is probably fueled by the fact that we are electing this surgery whereas our previous ones were necessity. We can lean on each other through these emotions girl!
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