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Average Liter Removal of Fat?

  • FanciFt
  • texas
  • 3 years ago

I had my smart lipo done on March 18th. I am still wanting to know how much fat was removed. I was wondering if anyone else knew or were told how many liters of fat they had removed. Just curious on what everyone had removed~~~~~

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I had 7 liters taken out on upper & lower abs.
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I had 3 liters off my stomach, going back in for flanks this weekend, praying for another 1.5 liters or so. Make sure the fat/solution has "settled" so you're getting the amount of fat vs. fat mixed with solution...this is gross but fat floats to the top of what's removed.
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Of course, that's not all fat. It's mixed in with the dilute solutions of lidocaine and epinephrine. You need to look at how many cc's went in, in addition to how much comes out.
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I had slipm lipo on my stomach (upper/lower abs) and had 2 liters removed.
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I had 1 litre from flanks and 2 liters from stomach area (upper and lower abs). Don't know if this is average or not. Hope it helps
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