Anyone with autoimmune disease should avoid collagen fillers

  • TxOrchid
  • South TX
  • 3 years ago

Do some research for yourself.  But know there are" no studies showing those with autoimmune disease can safely have injectable collagen fillers."   In fact, at least one collagen filler says in the package insert, that the filler is "contraindicated for those with autoimmune diseases."  Another insert said collagen filler "could trigger autoimmune disease."  I forget which ones but I was researching Radiesse and Scupltra and similar fillers. I have had a medium high ANA, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, fibromyalgia and "unclassified connective tissue disease" (I call it Lupus lite) fairly stable for 30 yrs.  Afyter having Radiesse injected in cheeks, within a year my blood tests by my Rheaumatologist show new SLE-Lupus anti-bodies.  We're following my labs now as I appear to be going into full blown Lupus.  Bummer. So I would say avoid collagen fillers and stick with hylauronic acid only until studies show it's safe.  I'm avoiding Sculptra for this reason also.  Connective disease  does seem to age your skin,, at least in my case.  I may also have undiagnosed Sjogren's Syndrome but many of us have super-dry skin and mucous membranes.