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athlete ready for a breast lift--more worried about training impact than scars

  • alouette
  • 3 years ago

I am a month away from my first consult for a breast lift (no implants) and have found very little information on my question anywhere online, so I'm  hoping for real stories from someone! I am an 36 year old athlete who works out very intensely six days a week.  I do significant weight training three days a week, along with plyometrics and pretty vigorous interval HIIT cardio and kickboxing the other three days.  My training is a huge part of my life, and it has wonderful effects on my energy, my emotions, and my daily clarity.  I am  worried about the down time of recovery from a breast lift.  Everything I've read and watched online has stated that it's a minimum of four weeks before allowed to do anything besides walking, and that it takes a long time to be able to lift anything more than 5 lbs. without complicating recovery.  This makes me think that it will be a minimum of two months before I could resume the kind of workout regimen I am used to.   And with having to wear a surgical bra for a few months, I'm not sure how I could support the breasts during that kind of intensity, either.   I worry about losing muscle tone, endurance, and being depressed from the lack of activity. Do any of you have experiences as athletes, or an ability to shed any light on how long it took for you to be able to seriously work out?  Also, I work in academia and am trying to maximize my schedule to accommodate recovery.  I am debating if two weeks during winter break enough to recover to get back to a very active, animated job, or if I am better off waiting until summer break of 2012 to allow longer recovery time.  I hate the idea of wasting my summer vacation not being able to swim and work out outside! Any opinions or comments would be wonderfully appreciated!  Thanks in advance! J.

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I'd wait until your summer break. It's major surgery and your body needs time (& takes lots of energy) to heal. I'm no olympic athlete but I"m 8 weeks post op and still not back to my high intensity 5 x 1 hr sessions a week. My surgeon has given me the all clear, but I simply don't have the energy, plus my body has deconditioned. I started back at the gym as soon as I was allowed (4 weeks) but my strength has decreased and I was so tired I did shorter sessions. Every surgeon will give you different guidelines (mine said fine to use rowing machine after 2 weeks, though I didn't as it seems a bit early to me) as to how long you'll need off exercising. Also everyonoe's body has a different recovery rate, and that's not something they can tell you. I was (and still and) quite down and anxious (exercise is a stress relief for me and I miss that) not being able to exercise for so long. Personally had I known how long it was going to take I would've thought twice about it. IMO surgeons (and I've had several surgeries now) underestimate recovery time - otherwise noone would get it done! But I guess in the big scheme of things it's only a couple of months and you'll have great boobs for life (well 10 years at least!) I'm not trying to scare you, I just wish I had more realistic expectations about my down time as it made it a stressful and frustrating process for me. I'm now trying to be more relaxed about it and not push my body while it's healing (e.g. today I planned to go to the gym, but I'm so tired,and I've been everyday this week) but that's not easy if you're used to pushing yourself.

Maybe the key is giving yourself longer to rest intially like the previous post mentioned. I was doing 30 min walks within 2 days of coming out of hospital. Maybe if I'd taken it easier I'd be stronger & have more energy now.
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Surgery will absolutely NOT stop your training for six months to a year! I work out about 6 days a week, lots of olympic weight lifting, yoga, walking, etc. I have an intense schedule and I was back at it after my lift in 6 weeks. Go for it! But wait till you have the six weeks to recover! Good luck!
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Do not have surgery then. Surgery will stop your training for 6 months to a year. No one tells you this
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Hi there!

I see that you posted a question pertaining to this issue in our doctor Q&A community. I hope your question was answered to your satisfaction. It sounds like as long as you avoid bouncy workouts for 6 weeks, you should be okay.


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