Could asymmetry be resolved with Blepharoplasty?

  • Hannah11
  • UK
  • 4 years ago

Hi, I have suffered from what I thought was ptosis of the left eye all my life – it appears 'wonky'. I saw an opthalmologist and they said it was not ptosis but was due to the shape of the eyelid. I was wondering if I could have something like this corrected with cosmetic surgery? Thanks

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Hi any help is much appreciated! My left upper eyelid is quite different then my right. I noticed that pictures from about 4-5 years ago, this problem was not present. I have been to an opthamologist and a plastic surgeon. The opthamologist said there is nothing wrong with my eyes. The plastic surgeon suggested blepharoplasty but I am worried that by shortening the eyelid I will have problems closing my eye, or it will just feel weird... Also my left eye has mild chronic pain located in the top corner close to my nose. Please help!!!

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