Can my asymmetrical eyebrows be fixed?

  • anenome
  • australia
  • 4 years ago

One of my eyebrows is higher than the other, and my eyelids are also slightly uneven. Simply lifting up my right eyebrow gives good symmetry and seems to fix the smaller eyelid on that side as well. I am 23, with no wrinkles or loose skin and do not want a surgical brow lift! Could botox help? What could you recommend?

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You could have them re shaped to where they look equal. I have the same problem. I got mine shaped to look normal and since they are also on the thin side I got permanent brow liner done and that REALLY helped. My eyelids are a tad bit off also. But most people I know think it's cute(: I hope this helps, goodluck!(:

Botox can provide some lift, but you may also be able to get a brow lift to bring up the right side. Have you consulted with any local plastic surgeons to get their thoughts?