i have asymetry after left breast construction post mactectomi what can i do?

  • parvaneh
  • iran
  • 3 years ago

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Oh. I am so glad everything worked out well for you.

We love hearing from happy girls! How have you been changed by your experience? We would be pleased to celebrate your positive attitude.

Stay well and in touch,


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Hi again Parvaneh,

I was thinking of you and your concerns about asymmetry. Several community members have posted similar questions and received responses from physicians here. It seems you may have options to correct your asymmetry. After all you have been through, wouldn't it be nice to have a happier ending?

Stay well and looking forward to hearing good news from you,


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hi beverly
i had revision surgery with larger cogel &round implant 505 cc and another reduction on the opposite breast 2 month ago. I think it is very better than before . and i have satisfaction.

best regards
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Hello Parvaneh,

Wondering if you were able to get your concerns about asymmetry addressed.

Posting a review of your process allows us to support you in the way you need.

Wishing you wellness,


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Symmetry is really difficult to achieve with a unilateral reconstruction, because you're replacing so much natural tissue with an implant. That being said, you could opt for a revision surgery that includes getting an implant on your non-reconstructed side, and that would be easier to "match" to the left side.

I'm not familiar with the healthcare situation in Iran -- does insurance cover breast reconstruction? If so, it's worth asking them about revision surgery as well.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress! It would also be really helpful for you to post a review of your reconstruction experience to help others who are going through the same thing.

Best regards,

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hi.dear sharon
about 1 year ago i have left breast reconstruction just with cogel implant 350cc and at the same time i have right breast reduction .But after 1 year the conclusion is asymmetry! i was operated by an surgeon who is one of the member of ASAPS. i don't know what can i do. please give me some advise.

your sincerely
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Hi there.  You may find our Q&A related to breast reconstruction and breast asymmetry helpful

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