First assessment- Free nipple graft- can anyone tell me about it please???!!!

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Hi all, Well... i went for my 1st assessment yesterday. The surgeon was so nice! A really kind and decent Dr who knew his stuff. He knew by looking at my boobs when i was in my clothing then undressed and then lying down, exactly what was needed. He has suggested a ''free-nipple graft'' as my boobs are so large. Has anyone had this? If so what did it feel like post-op and beyond? My surgeon said i wont have any feeling in the nipple itself, nor will i have any 'projection'.  I dont mind too much about that- but can anyone tell me if it causes any problems for them? He also said he doesn't stipulate a 'cup size' as they vary somewhat according to bra manufacturer, but in terms of size in general, he said a large C to a normal D. Sometimes during surgery, he will 'know' what size looks right on me and this is determined by rib cage size and overall look. He also suggested that if i wish to lose weight, to ''do it before the op'' so i want to lose around 14 -28 lbs (1-2 stones in the UK) which will make me look nicer but as i know from past expereince, makes no difference to my breast size. I'll be in hospital for 2 days and off work for 6-8 weeks depending on how i feel and heal etc. Driving wil be curtailed too for around 6 weeks. My surgeon also suggested once the op is done to look and assess my new bra size and purchase at that point. The hospital only provide a figure of 8 bandage to go home in so i will sort out a few from Kimmers brilliant suggestions and purchase hem when i get home. The assessment is in 2 parts here in the UK: I've gone through the first stage of information gathering and assesment in general. The 2nd is on 4th May and involves sizing up and drawing on my chest, blood work and booking me in for July. I cant go earlier as i am away and then my surgeon is on holiday so around the end of June/beginning of July is provisionally booked. I'm still excited but a little bit scared but not as much as i thought i would be as i am assured a good anaesthetist and pain control which was one of my fears- waking up in agony. So there is part one of my journey!! Please let me know if there is anything i need to consider before my 2nd assessment in May. I am not too concerned about nipple size or breast size, (as long as they are smaller then they are now) because i can't carry these babies any longer!!! I am focussing on pretty bras and nice fitted tops... no hassel from men looking at my boobs... no worries when choosing clothing and being able to wear a strapless dress.... My surgeon considers this op as 're-constructive' rather than cosmetic as its relieving symptoms of pain not just making me look better. He was factual and realistic but in a kind way and wants me to think things through until we meet for a 2nd time. Hope this helps anyone else reading this and for those 'on the other side' (of surgery) please feel free to chip in. Debs x x

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I am so proud of you for taking the steps to remove yourself from an abusive situation and take control of your life for you! I'm sure that wasn't easy and you have had a long road physically and emotionally, but I'm so glad that you had the strength within you to make that change! Now it is on to the next stage of your life! A bright and happy stage where you are in total control of who you are and what you do! Wishing you many blessings as you go through this procedure and I will be keeping you in my prayers!
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I didn't have a free nipple graft so I'm sorry that I can't offer any advice on that. But after reading your post I just had to comment on how much I liked what you said about your doctor. That he was realistic and factual. I appreciated when my PS told me the limitations of the surgery and his technique as it made me have more confidence in him that he would be honest with me. What size are you starting at, Deb? Do you have universal healthcare there or will private insurance be covering the procedure?
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Hi Iowa71,
Yes my PS is very realistic. I don't normally trust some Dr's (long story...) but my surgeon was recommended by a colleague, who had a BR in Jan, and who had the procedure done by him - and another colleague who is married to a Dr who works with me said how lovely he is. He is a traditional Dr, sort of 'old school' and says it like it is. Just what I like! When I walked into the (private) hospital, i felt he had already 'weighed up' my size, shape and what he would do! It was that 'trained eye' effect as he has done BR's for so long as a Registrar, Senior Reg then Consultant.. he could do them with his eyes shut.
Not on me tho... lol!
To answer your questions, in the UK we have a different healthcare system (not for long tho'...) whereby the NHS or National Health Service, provides a free - well not really 'free' when you work you pay national insurance; which is a fee from your salary or wage which is taken out along with your tax and that pays for public services. But the UK is going through a recession and public NHS care is being rationed. So to qualify for a BR you have to have a BMI of 25 or under a scan to determine if your boobs have a % of fat and if its in a certain amount you go to the next stage. This stage is what symptoms you have and then when all that info is collected (takes months /a year or more) you are placed on a waiting list which is around 1-2 years, depending on where in the UK you live. My PS explained this for me and I decided to pay as I didn't want to wait any longer nor did I want to jump through hoops even though I would qualify on BMI. So i decided there and then to pay for it as i want it done and dusted. Its for me- a present for me as i do so much for everyone else at home and at work so this is my gift to myself and its something I have always wanted to do. If i write anymore about this I will be in tears...
My size- i will eventually post my photos but i am a hips size/jean size 12 with slim legs. Never had a problem buying trousers/jeans shorts-ever. I have a bit of a tummy since having children. My arms are slim so too my shoulders and neck. But... if you saw my chest... I have 2 great big boobs which i can lift up on my hands (they are very heavy and my partner estimates them at 5-6 lbs each). When I lift them, my ribcage measurement is 34/35 inches.
The bra's I buy are 34GG or 34H and i still spill out of them if i bend or move. I think i am bigger than a GG possibly a H or HH if i had a full cup bra on. If I pick them up and hold them out in front of me (sounds weird doesn't it?) I look normal! I look more bottom heavy instead of looking like a tent peg eg wide at the top and becoming more narrow as you look down my body and legs to my feet. The comments i have always had are: '' you would look great if you didnt have those boobs'' or, ''have you ever considered a reduction?''. I feel like saying ; ''no, actually i love being in pain and having little choice in clothing...''. Of course I wouldn't do that as it would be impolite but it doesn't matter where I go someone will stare and/or make a remark- male or female and although I am used to it- i am fed up with it!!
My PS has said he will see what size I will be when he operates. My colleague who had her BR in Jan (2012) went from a H or HH (i think?) and she is a C cup and on the small side. She looks great and I think my PS does make BR's on the smaller rather than larger side. Although he said sizes vary with each manufacturer, he will make me a C or D!! Since then i am looking and can't take my eyes off lovely bras in those 2 sizes.
I went into town to a big shopping mall today and saw some gorgeous bras - again in C and D cups and they are lovely, pretty sexy and just wonderful to look at bras! I walked around the shops and nothing- yes nothing was out of my range anymore. No more worry about how i can 'minimise' visually,my chest. No more going to M&S for a horrible 'minimiser bra' which looks ugly and for me something which makes me feel old. I put in another post how I want rid of these vile boobs and I feel its good riddance to them!
I do have my 'OMG' moments when i visualise myself walking to theatre for my anaesthetic... I know I will freak out as I fear the anaesthetic more than the procedure. Then i think about how limited that time span is compared to years of painfree freedom and nice boobs, nice clothes and strapless dresses,.... oh and bikinis.. and no remarks or stares... and pretty underwear and buying things without worrying if they will fit... sorry i have just realised i have written alot. Sorry for the rant. This could have been done years ago but my horrible ex husband (a doctor) put me off and fed me scare stories about patients. They were probably very rare stories and his patients had uncontrolled diabetes, were smokers and very overweight. Also he had a controlling nature and i was suffering from his abuse- Domestic violence but i luckily escaped even though he tried to run me over in his car... thats another story. So this present just for me is for being brave and getting him out of my life and not staying because he had money. This is for me and I know i will look fab once those heavy boobies have gone! Bye to the big boobs and bye to the past! x x x x
  • Reply is the basics but im sure someoen on here will have more info. which clinic are you using by the way? :D
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