Asian-skinned patient needing nose reshaping and medpor implant removal/revision in NY; PLEASE ADVISE.

  • irsi
  • New York, NY
  • 5 months ago

I need NYC surgeons with experience with Asian/oily skin, medpor implants, and scultping/scar removal. I've seen Dr. Philip Miller, who was incredibly kind, but recommended I look to surgeons that were comfortable with medpor; Dr. Anthony Sclafani, who was also incredibly helpful, but said he would use rib in place of the implant, something I'm not certain I want; and Dr. Oleh Slupchinsky, who was also incredibly helpful, but uses silastic implants. I have Asian skin; I am not yet convinced this would be helpful, because I am prone to scarring, like Minas Constantinides. I do not need bony humps taken care of , but support. I would like a surgeon that believes in the usage of kenalog injections if called for--that's something I'm certain.I would like to salvage what I can; I will never have a perfectly refined nose, but I know it's basic small, soft, short shape, and would like a relatively streamlined one that my skin drapes over well enough to finally look like it's part of my face. I actually got it before a complication post-op and am kicking myself, because I dread what could happen. There is a hard bump of scar tissue at my tip now. I don't know how to go forward. It seems the only way even the best revision rhino surgeons can "elevate" tips is by widening them.

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If anyone could talk to be about medpor/implant removal, I would be grateful. My nose is functional but looks pretty awful and there's a lot of scar tissue. I am considering Edmund Kwan. I've read his reviews, but if anyone has gone through implant removal and can talk to me, I'd really appreciate it.
What did Dr. Constantinides advise you to do? He is supposed to be great.