Asian Rhinoplasty

  • Helen67
  • Stanton, California
  • 2 years ago

I am an Asian female wanting so badly to get my nose done, however; after months of doing some research I am just as confused and lost as day 1! After finding out about Asian rhinoplasty and many complications that can occur due to use of silicone or gortex, I am terrified of chosing the wrong doctor! Can anyone advise me in how to look for a qualified doctor that truly knows what he or she is doing? A doctor who is highly experienced with Asian rhinoplasty? Anyones advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!!!

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Oh,,,,, too bad... T.T why don't you look at this video from youtube?
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I not mean to disrespect plastic surgeons in this country, but majority of the before and after photos of Asian rhinoplasty is not impressive at all! However, the photos I've found on Utube of doctors in Japan & Korea are remarkable, I mean they are so amazing the kind of work these doctors have done, you can really see the difference but where as the photos I see here I can't tell whats been changed. If I could find doctors here in Southern California that does the kinda of work I'm looking for, I would chose that doctor in a heart beat!!!!
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Hi there! There's also the option of using your own cartilage in your nose, so you might want to research that as well. I'm not sure where you are, but make sure you go with a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty/facial surgery, particularly Asian noses. You can use the Find a Doctor link above to start your search and begin the consultation phase of your journey.

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