Anyone Around 5.2" - 5.3" and 140lbs Had BBL? Please Comment!

  • CurvyD
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2 years ago

Hello my goal weight is 122 - 128lbs i am going into surgery at 140lbs and I want to be OK when I come out in terms of not too much weight to lose and looking nice! please help ladies ! Anyone around this height and weight     

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yeh everyone of those girls have had faboulous results!
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I'm 5 ft 2 132 now. I carry all my weight in my tummy and I'm a 34 d cup. I was told to gain a little weight because I wanted a little hip. But Ithink they'll only take out 5 liters of fat so you don't wana have to much fat then not enough to get the results you want. Good luck
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The ladies that come to mind that are close to that would be ForeverBooty, NiniFernandez and Miamilife305. They are all within the past few months. Give or take an inch in height you should be able to get a good idea. What is really important is where you carry your weight. I am 5'1 and weight 145. I carry all my weight in my belly and breasts. I was advised to lose 5-10 pounds. I want to get under 140 for my surgery. Word is if you gain or lose it will come from your butt after surgery.
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Hi there, welcome!

I've had a quick sort through our BBL reviews and here is a list of reviews where the BBL ladies have noted there weight to be in the range you're looking for. This may help you to find the info you're looking for!


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Thank you Kirsty! X
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