Arnica Montana- Post surgery Swelling and bruising reduction

  • Acs2656
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2 years ago

I just bought some on Amazon after question my Drs nurse about it and getting this email response   "We do give this to our cosmetic patients to take.  We have it at the office. ... If you want, you can stop by & pick up a box. It's an herbal supplement & is really called Arnica Montana. It dates way back to the stage coach days & probably longer.  I had to laugh, my husband had on this John Wayne movie "McClintock".  I particularly am not fond of Westerns but I let him leave it on.  It is a somewhat humorous John Wayne movie & his real life son also played in the movie w/ him as his son!  So his son was having this brawl w/ another cowboy in the dirt & his face got all beat up.  John Wayne is looming over him, hands on his hips as the famous John Wayne stance & says "You need some Arnica Montana"!!!  Well I just about wet my pants!!!  LOL!!! That movie I swear is on some channel every other week. Watch it next time it is on! So yes, by all means take it.  The Plastic surgeons did studies on it & they have proven it does reduce swelling & bruising.  I wish the orthopods would use it.  I understand that it does not interfere with any other medication that anyone would take except for Talwin (which is a very old pain medication which I swear never worked!).  I don't think anyone ever prescribes Talwin anymore.  Also L-Arginine (I think I spelled it right) is another thing that is similar. Well you did some nice research there."     I didn't know if anyone was looking for more things to try. It has EXCELLENT reviews absolutely everywhere I looked, and since H (we'll call her H for now) seemed totally comfortable and aware of it, I am gonna give it a try,   Has anyone else used this?   I know you start taking it a few days before surgery and continue a while after. I am excited and hope it works well for me!