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Arizona ladies...Who did you use for TT?

  • wld2l8
  • Scottsdale
  • 2 years ago

I am a mother of 6, I have lost 100#. I will probably need a full tummy tuck. I also have implant that are 10 years old and after breastfeeding 3 children since I had them put in....I will eventually need them redone with a lift as well. I have just started my research, any suggestions or stories of your experiences with your surgeons would be GREATLY appreciated. I have looked at quite a few of the doctors on here and their before and after pictures but it is always nice to hear the GOOD or BAD experiences of actual people. Thanks in adavance.

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I had 6 consults in Phoenix and chose the Dr not on my original radar. I am 2 weeks PO and I have zero complications; attributed to the skills of Board Certified PS John L. Williams MD. scottsdale, Az.
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I used Dr Todd Case in Tucson. He is a very caring Doctor and highly qualified....he does great breast but in my opinion my tummy tuck wasn't as aggressive as I would have liked it to have been. My results are still very nice considering that. Best wishes!
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I loved Dr Flint in Scottsdale - I put my experiences in my review. She had the most precautions from the surgeons I reviewed or interviewed. Good luck!
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