One areola/nipple is purple

  • Piggles
  • 2 years ago

My PS stated everything went well with my surgery (I am Post op day 1) except that my rt areola/nipple had a difficult time getting good blood flow back. He did eventually get it to re-perfuse and wanted to see me back today to make sure all was well. My left areola/nipple looks healthy and pink, but my right areola/nipple is purple and limp.  My PS stated that he "thinks" the blood flow will improve and the color will pink.  Has anyone else had this experience and if so...did it improve???

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Great! Sometimes it takes time to fully re establish a blood flow. I am so pleased its all worked out for you and you are now post op!! X x
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Actually, since posting this I have followed up again with PS and my areole/ nipple is no longer purple but rather pinking up. I can get good and quick blood refill now. Thanks so much!
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Hi Piggles,
How are you today? Has the colour improved? If you press on the nipple does it lose its colour (ie turn pale) and then return to pink straightaway? Have you seen any improvement since posting this? x x
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