Aren't you ladies scare for capsular contrcature?

  • Bluestarforever
  • california
  • 1 year ago

I have my surgery day on march. i have researched about CC before i booked the date. how did you guys overcome and decided to do BA knowing that CC can come to you at anytime?

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I asked my PS about CC and asked what I can do to avoid it. He suggested I go with a textured implant. It was gonna be $100 more (here in Maryland) which is a small price to pay considering revision surgery and he said it would help bring down the risks. At first i agreed to it but after doing some research I decided against it. I think I will have a better chance to avoid it by taking care of myself. And after seeing pictures of my before boobs I knew I def wanted "the twins". I trust my doc and like everything in life I will cross the bridges when I get to them. Good Luck and take good care :)
For me, I feel like once I had been educated on all the risks (by my PS as well as my own research) it was a "simple" risk/benefit issue. Was I nervous about CC, rupture, re-operation, etc? Sure, and to a degree I still have those concerns. Each time I started to question myself, I looked at my "before" pics and just knew that I did NOT want to look like that anymore. So now, 3 days post-op, as much as I really dislike the necessary evils of massage, exercise, and laying on my boobs, I'm just trying to do everything my PS wants me to do in order to help reduce those risks.

Thanks for posting on RealSelf. Capsular contracture is definitely a possible (though not likely) complication of breast augmentation. Here's what some doctors say about a woman's likelihood of developing CC.