Has anyone had arcus marginalis release for under eye hollows and dark circles?

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  • 1 year ago

I had all fat compartments under eye removed years ago by an incompetent surgeon.  Under eye area is sunken, hollow and dark.   I am now considering arcus marginalis release with fat grafting procedure and would like it done by someone who is very experienced in this area.  Any recommendations on who to see?  What is the approximate cost?  What about recovery time?  Are you pleased with the results?Thank you for your time!

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Hello, hopefully I will be able to answer your question soon. I have under eye hollows and some puffiness. I've visited 2 surgeons and one wanted to remove fat, then harvest fat from another part of my body to fill...didn't make sense to me. He said I would be dependent on fillers there on out for hollowness. I worry about more hollowness post surgery - this surgery is suppose to be a permanent fix. I have a scheduled appointment with a doctor in a few weeks who works only on eyes. He claims to fix other doctor's mistakes. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Good luck!

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