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*Switch Now Been Made* : March 4th with Dr. Salama: Need to Switch to February

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  • 1 year ago

Hello something came up and I'm needing to switch my 3/4/13 date to a date in February please inbox me if you want to switch thanks in advance for your time

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I have Feb 14th I can switch with you
This post is old I no longer have 3/4 date
I have Feb 15 the and I can switch with you .
YES YES YES !!!! I am despeatly looking for a MARCH date..PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF IT"S STILL AVAILABLE
Hey hun, did you already find someone to switch with? Would you be interested in Jan 22? It wouldn't be me, I'm trying to help a friend. Her date is Jan 22 and if she can't switch to a date in February or March, she can't get the procedure done. She's been trying since October to switch with someone, and she still hasn't been able to... So if you, or anyone else with a Salama date in Feb or March is willing to switch, her name on here is almostgotit. Thanks!
I'll switch. Mine is Feb 15
I have a January 24th appointment and need a later date. If anyone is interested let me know! :-)
I need a February or March date for salama I have an April 29 date looking to switch ONLY. Not looking to pay anyone
I have a Feb 14th date if you want to switch. I am looking for an earlier April date though

Hi there,

Have you also put yourself on Dr. Salama's cancellation list? It can be a long shot, but it's worth a try if you need an earlier date.

I would like 2 pick up your march date but my sx date is oct.