I need an appt with Dr. Duran or Dr Campos ASAP If anyone want to change their appt for an later date plz let me know!

  • Sehrina
  • Europe
  • 1 year ago

Ok so let me start by saying I am so happy I found this site! and thank you all for being so supportive:) Hopefuly I will find an appt with dr Duran or Dr Campos as soon as possible:)  Ok so I have a few quetions: - What kind meds or vitamis do i need to take pre and post surgery? and where can I get them from? - How long does it take to heal, will it be any scaring left? does anyone had a keloid scar from it? my skin tends to keloid and im affraid that it will keloid afterwards.  - where do I get the garmets from and what size do I need to get, or will the dr inform me? - How long do I have to wait until I can sit on my butt again? -Is it safe to get the butt and tthe breast done at the same time with fat transfer? -is it safe to get the surgery done in the sommer time, i hear the heat is not good for the scar, it wont heal as fast. is that true? - I live in euroup so I would have to fly atleast 15 hours.... has anyone fly that long after surgery? and how did you do it?  given you not alowed to sit that long? Thank you so much and I look forward to your answers:)