What approach did your surgeon take in your consult?

  • Southern Charm
  • South Carolina
  • 2 years ago

I've had two very different consultations for breast iimplants. The doctor I had my first consult with measured my chest and had me try in three different sizes. 350cc, 400, and 450. I felt I woul probably go with 400 or 425.    The doctor at my second consult asked me what cup size I wanted to be. He didn't measure me. This threw me off because I honestly don't know what size a C or a D cup would be on me. I said I did want too be so big that that is the first thing people noticed about me. I want to be battalion but I want to make it worth it. He said okay, Sounds like you want about a full C. Probably 350 ccs. Now I am totally confused.  I plan on going on a third consult but I would like to know what approach your doctor took in understaffed what size you wanted and do you think it helped?              

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