Made an appointment for BR consultation....the journey begins

  • Just Jacquie
  • Central New Jersey
  • 2 years ago

Well, after reading, reading, and reading some more about breast reductions and viewing lots of pictures, I have finally decided to go ahead and schedule a consultation for this surgery.  As I passed a mirror, for further incentive, I lifted my shirt to look at my bra, sagging in the front due to my large breasts.  I said to myself, "Oh yeah, I really NEED to have this surgery done!"  I plan to go for two consultations, just to compare what the doctors have to say.  I was disappointed when the earliest appointment I could get with the first doctor is April 18th!!!  It figures, after I finally make the decision, I have to wait over a month for an appointment.  Now that I've decided to go for it, I only wish I could get in sooner, but this doctor is the highest rated in this area.  Tomorrow, I plan to call a second doctor, to whom my daughter-in-law has referred at least four girls so far, but they all had augmentations.  That's okay, I just want to get one consult under my belt, ASAP!  I will post tomorrow after my second appointment is made....Wish me luck -- I can't believe I'm finally going to have this done!!!! Thanks for listening, Jacquie

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Hi Jacquie i also have my first consult on April 12th and im excited but also scared. Im hjust hoping i dont back Im a big chicken even though ive had 2 c-sections. let me know how your consult goes and i will do the same.
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Hi rcancb,
Well done you for being so brave. I too have made my consultation appointment which is scheduled for 13th April. I too am scared of backing out but i am constantly looking at nice pretty bra's in size C/D if the surgeon makes me that size! I really do want to wear a strapless dress for my wedding and that as well as wearing niceer tops and bras is what is keeping me from being so frightened. How did your appointment go on the 5th April?
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Funny how trying on bras can really reinforce the need for this surgery! As I think I have already said, I've purchased so very many bras over the past year, just looking for one that fits well and feels comfortable -- I've come to the conclusion that there is no such bra out there - not one that fits my present size.

April 5th, the date of my consultation, can't come soon enough for me....
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Yay, Jacquie! Anxious to hear how your consultation went!
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