Will applying 20% salicylic peel to eyebrows cause damage?

  • BigBadWolf
  • 1 year ago

I've been studying up and watching professional videos/tutorials for several months now, and have decided to try a salicylic chemical peel at home, for some minor discoloration that hasn't responded very noticeably to a year of scrubs and creams. I understand a lot of people are very adamant that these shouldn't be done at home, but... I'm doing it anyway. Everyone advises applying vaseline to the eyes and mouth - but some recommend applying it to the eyebrows as well. Well... my eyebrows are very sparse, and a good bit of my discoloration is actually under my eyebrows, where I tend to break out. Will a salicylic peel damage the eyebrows? I've seen a couple home peel users mention accidentally getting some on their eyebrows, and not noticing any damage.