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Any appetite suppreant for after tummy tuck?? I'm eating way too much!

  • Devasha from LA
  • 2 years ago

Just had tummy tuck 3 months ago. I find that I'm getting hungrier every day. So scared to gain weight. I need something that will help me not each so much. Any ideas? Has anyone experienced what I'm feeling after a tummy tuck and lipo?

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Eliminate processed foods (including processed grains - oatmeal, bread, cereal, Splenda etc) and increase your protein (Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken, beef, etc) and you will feel more full. Don't be afraid of full fat options - it will keep you full longer. Limit your fruit servings to 1-2 and the rest veggies. Be creative. Olive oil cold only (salad dressing) and butter or coconut oil for high heat. 1 serving of starchy veg a day (sweet pot, carrots, squash). Most importantly, enjoy every bite!
You're welcome! Oh! You can try brown rice. You can now buy it in the frozen veggie section and microwave it...add some black beans...yum! Good luck! I'm a sugar junkie too!!
Thank you so much. I have to change the way I look at food. I am trying so hard. I wake up in the morning and eat 1 cup Kashi cereal with 1 cup steamed milk, coffee and sf ff french vanilla powder. Lunch I get nf frozen yogurt and almonds with a protien bar. Snack in the middle is fruits and nuts. Dinner is fish and unfortunatly rice. I notice I crave starch and sugar after this surgery. My weight has not changed since my surgery. I'm shocked because I look way smaller.
thank you again :)
Hi there,you'll probably find that your body fat levels have lowerd due to healthy eating & extra protein your consuming,it is perfectley normal to feel more hungry as you heal , youve had surgery,the body will be using the fuel to heal you.this does not mean u can eat whatever/ sounds you may need extra fibrous ,low gi carbs such as veg. Salad. Sweet potatoe's,( great fibre and will keep u less bloated By making u go to the toilet:) try adding acai berry supplement into diet for fat burning and try quinoa as an ulternative to rice.its 5 weeks since my op and im also experiencing the same issue with weight but my body fat levels are slowly coming down so im happy.hope it helped.feel free to ask q's or reply.
My PS warned me of an increase of appetite as the incision is in the later stages of healing. He said the increased production of collagen causes this.
Kimmers makes some great points. Exercise helps balance the way we use energy and handle sugar. To start, maybe have one "last" goodie of your choosing. Then, the next day start off with a good unflavored oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, some walnuts, a packet of splenda added or whatever...maybe a scrambled egg white or two. Then, just go for a long, brisk walk. Stay away from refined sugar and other foods. Make that the goal for the firstday
...and drink lots of water. This one day of making healthier choices may be enough to set you on a course of eating better. Also, you can eat as many veggies a day as your heart desires! Its a matter of changing your tastes around. Lean protein is vital too! I find though that exercise is the key to me keeping my diet and cravings in check. I don't believe in denial, but in the beginning, I find that you have to cut out the naughty stuff for at least a week or two before eating small, treat- sized portions of those foods. Good luck!
Thank you! However, I feel like I have lost my will power. I can't stop eating!!!! Any pills I can take to curb my appetite that is safe???

Here is a list of the program I follow and it helps keep me on track!   I had put this together for all of us post op ladies who are/were struggling with the same issues.  

Not exercising in the routine you are use to is very hard.  But getting back also feels good.  Start slow with walking and increase length and endurance a little bit each week.  I was not allowed to do any ab work for 6 months but that was fine because It really hurt.  I started back on the treadmill between 5-6 weeks post op and added light weights for the arms.  No pull down anything with the weights at that point.  I used 10 pounds weights and did curls, presses and also worked into the arm dips.  It was such a slow process.  I then added some of th leg presses, squats and lunges.  Those are my favorite and really keep my booty and thighs in shape.
The rule I followed was if it hurts when you try STOP and MODIFY the move.  You bounce back well.
Here is the info on my diet...I did a cut and paste from a post in my profile since it is so long.
Here are the guidelines I follow on a daily basis:
1.  I only eat 1500 calories a day.  Even when I am doing the heavy workouts.
2.  Weigh myself one a week to make sure I stay within my five pound weight range.
3.  Drink 8-10 glasses of ice water a day.  Stay away from soda!
4.  Stick to the following for foods:  whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, low fat dairy (string cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, skim milk or vanilla soy milk), only lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey, love salmon, only eat red meat once a week, olive oil is the only oil I use on anything, peanut butter and almond butter in moderation, whey protein shakes are also really good.  I make these with frozen fruit, vanilla soy milk and whey protein powder which I purchase at the health food store.
5.  I have one treat a day which is an ounce of extra dark chocolate.  Make sure it is at least 70% caco for the health benefits.
6.  I take vitamin C and a Super B complex each evening as well.
The one thing I will not give up is my coffee and flavored creamers.  I allow myself two cups a day and need it :)
Now I can't stress this one enough...EXERCISE!  I go to the gym 5 times a week and do an equal mix of cardio and weight training.  I also do the boot camp classes which really kick your booty.  All in all I spend about 6-8 hours a week in the gym.  You hurt like crazy but also feel good at the same time.
I think I have finally found what it takes to keep my weight off but it is still a daily work in progress.  Maintaining is almost harder than dropping the weight.
When I know I am going to have a busy day I plan my food out the night before so I make sure I eat properly.  Another key for me if to eat every 3-4 hours and add protein to each meal.  Never eat a carb without a protein.