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It appears we have a very creative and talented seamstress in our community

  • 2 years ago

Check out her great idea for what to do with the pre op clothes.  Also take a look at the pictures of her work.  This is one creative way to get a couple of new outfits.  And also comfortable clothes:)


Ok I'm 8 week post op and today I was going through my pre op cloth's was going to get rid of them they are way way way to big now with me at a size 10 now and there size 24 . But I changed my mind . Cloth's cost lot's of money and I just dont Have it to spend right now so I got out my sewing machine and went to work . I cut up 4 size 2X T's and turned them in to two cute summer dresses . I am posting pic's of them just cause I want to show off my re-cycled fat girl cloth's

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I'm working on a video to share with everyone. the way to make cute and fun summer sun dresses outta you old over sized cloths . I'm in hope of posting it by FEB 5 2012

I will be watching for your videos:)