Does any one have appearance of more wrinkles 1 month after combo active and deep fraxel?

  • NatG
  • San Francisco
  • 3 years ago

My chin is slightly crumply, and has striations that I did not see before the fraxel.I know it is still early, but I am worried.I had a good doctor and followed all instructions.My doctor says that I should start to see results at 4 months, but I am beginning to worry.

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I am 4 weeks after Total FX only in the eye area for fine lines. The fine lines appear worse :( I am also worried. Could this be due to the skin drying out? Surely it could not cause more wrinkles right? I dont know, but I am very concerned at this point, considering all doctors guarantee improvement by this time.
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Hi NatG,

You might want to check out the "not worth it" section of our Fraxel community. There are many people there who have had the same problem you have and you could probably find some support.



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