Has anyone or know or anyone, whom had a TT with a autoimmune disease such as lupus, sjorens, or athritis and how did they heal?

  • S Boo
  • athens, ga
  • 2 years ago

I was wondering about this, because i have had some health problems in the past, and my Rheumy states that i do have arthiritis, but has not really diagnosed the type, since my symptoms are not really bad. i am considering having a TT and want to know has anyone had one with any ailments, and what was their healing process like, eventhough I know everyone's body is different. ny the way I am 34 yrs old with two children ages 4 and 2.....Thanks

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Thanks Melinda so much for your comment....I hope you continue to recover well.
I have rheumatoid arthritis and had a bi-lat thigh lift and tummy tuck 15 months ago and 9 months ago I had a BL and BA. On Feb 27th of this year(13days ago) I had revision thigh lift and was re-augmented. I also had some dog ear touch ups on my tummy and down by my knee.
My Rheumy said "go for it". I had to come off RA meds for 2 weeks prior to surgery and healed great!!! I had NO problems at all.
This time I had to stop RA meds 1 week before surgery and I am healing great.
Hope this helps you, I had the same concerns and asked tons of questions.
I take plaquniel and arava and calcium for my RA.
I have ulcerative colitis (autoimmune disease) and take remicade every 8 weeks. My doctor didn't recommend it but wasn't against it. I had tt and implants and healed fine. It took about 3 weeks to feel somewhat normal again. I had no problems though.
Thanks so much Memphis5207, I know that I asked a doc on here and he said that it would be ok if I am not taking all the meds, but I wanted to hear this also from a person whom had went thru a tt. I really appreciate you taking the time answering my question. Thanks again..:)