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Does anyones TT scar feel like its stuck to their muscle wall? PLEASE READ

  • mommyof5babes
  • 2 years ago

Ok this is a little hard to explain but I'm 6 weeks Post op and it feels like my scar/incision is affixed to my stomach wall and doesn't move freely like the rest of my skin.  So when I sit it creates this hideous tucked in scar and all my other skin forms around it.  I'm so depressed, I've scheduled an earlier post op with my PS to discuss this but OMG I'm so unhappy with my results.  I have ripples, tucking galore, my scar is uneven it attached to my body, I feel like frankenstein and think my stomach looked better before surgery oh and to top that all off, my stomach is still loose, I can pull a ton of skin.........I just want to cry.   Also anyone know if you have such a terrible result that was really due to surgeons bad skills can you ask for reimbursement or a revision that I won't have to pay for?