Has Any1 Had a Crescent Lift Done on One Side Leading to Misshapen Nipple and Drooping Breast?please Help.feel So Alone :(

  • dolly.12
  • 2 years ago

I am4weeks post breast implants.I had a crescent lift on one side,lifted 1 1/2cm. I am completely devastated with the results. My nipple is now totally misshapen and distorted much fatter on the outside&thinner on the in & above all longer:(also the same breast seems to be sagging compared to the other.ive also got a bad rash:( if anyone is going or has been through the same things & that can advise or maybe shed some light at the end of this very lonely dark tunnel i would appreciate it so much

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hi sarah. aw i feel your pain.xx Did he say only on one nipple or both?i really really regret mine . its stretched my nipple so much with a horrible white scar line that is jagged in places :( ill see if i can put some pics on now. my breasts are still as saggy as before too. hanging really low with no cleavage with out a push up PADDED bra to lift up the implant to the top like you see allot of celebs looking like but without a bra even :( apparently i should of had a full lift on both. he really only lifted one as it hung that 2cm lower than the other (although not that notciable on small breasts, only in a top when cold with out a brai even noticed it myself).ive got a slight double bubble on the one with out the crescent lift too as he put in the implant lower to match my other lower breast.they are a right mess really and all because he didnt tell me that really i should of had a lift.apparantly the crecent list is very old fashioned and frouned upon by allot of surgens because of the way it streches and misshapens the nipples with odd scaring. oh and yes he has excellent reviews thats why i cant understand how he made such bad judgement with mine.he did my nose too which hasnt turned out to great either. as is still completely wonky.the main reason i has it done. im not sure think ive just been really really unlucky :( however i would advise agains the crecent .have you seen any other surgens? i would defo recomend that for more advise too :) x
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He said only on the one nipple....I had a few consultations last year when I was thinking about getting my boobies done and 2 top surgeons said I didn't need a lift while another 2 said I needed this crescent lift..I noticed in the Q&A sections a lot of Drs stray from using this method..But I loved the Dr and he made everything seem like it would turn out so great. But I am just trying to educate myslef before I go through with this and it seems most say don't do this. You can check out my pics on my profile....This is driving me crazy :(
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Hi Dolly, I went in for my consultation today and the DR told me I need a crescent lift to get the best result. I started crying once I heard this. My breasts look extremely similar to your before pics. Do you think I should not get the crescent lift? Have you checked your Dr to see if he had any other bad reviews?
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Hello my name is catherine. My boyfriend and I have both looked at your pics and I totally agree about how your doc went about this was wrong. He admitted it. Attempt to get your money back and go somewhere else. Be stern. I know its hard but its how you'll get it trust me I know. However, the shape is a little off but no different or worse than other girls I've seen on this site. Your hooves actually look great aside from the one nipple which is not healed. My bfriend even said yours look real and he wants mine to come out like that.. shape. Listen your doc can't be trusted bottom line. It could be much worse. Don't make the same mistake. And get a lawyer. It's free for this situation. And stay busy going to consultations. Imy first con I was told I needed a lift. I went to two others and they both said no way! Please don't let him touch you. It's just part or half the nipple. Don't make it worse or the scar that goes down the middle breast. Don't be so hard on yourself. You look great better than before. After the rash heals it can be fixed. If you do have to pay I'm sure it would be cheaper. Remembr tell every new doc your story and be clear you won't have it again. You want to know everything in advance. You do look great.! We are here for you. Where are you from?
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Hi Catherine im sorry for the late reply! its been a year this month since i got them done and im afraid they just got worse looking over that time :( My left breast is still bigger then my right but show more now they have dropped. Ive got a slight double bubble on my right. The nipple i had lifted did pop back after all when the stitches dissolved but unfortunately to the point were it is now grossly bigger than my untouched one - in fact its stretched as much as it was lifted which was confirmed at 2cm all the way around it :(. Ive since found out from another surgeon that because they where a little on the saggy side although small and having them put under the muscle the muscle is stopping the implant from having more contact with the sagging skin, (breast tissue) to stretch it out, So now ever time i bend over or lift anything the muscle contracts pulling the implant into my body almost ,if you picture when men tense and move there pecks up and down it look like that!so then the excess skin just sorta hangs like cows udders! I cant not go with out a bra (one of my main excitements for getting it done with all the pretty backless low cut dresses available now) because they are too low so have no cleavage, as well as them hanging differently and seeing the scar outline on fine dresses. in fact i still have to wear a push up bra to get cleavage and with pads in or no one can even tell ive had anything done as i wore padded bras before and really got the same look as now! Not wearing a bra to support the scare nipple is out of the question anyway as it feel like its heavily pulling on it and aches and burns. plus its lost all pleasurable sensation just feels like a pins and needles to touch now:( The upsetting thing is that not having to wear a bra with dresses little vest tops and being able be bend over ,down with no sag was actually two of the main reasons for having them done.i just didnt want anything swinging about any more! lol but actually what i have ended up with is just what i had before but a bigger version and the added bounces! not!! I just feel it was a total wast of time and money. and am full of regret and scared mentally as going though it with out any proper answers from anyway, a surgeon what was totally temperamental and would not except proper responsibility as well as telling a few lies and saying such things as , well you got a good price!? me feel very alone and like there was something wrong with me.it was only through seeing other surgeons i realised there wasnt id just been advised wrong. The thing is now i have no money as since then i have been wrote off from work with depression and anxiety and the money i had saved is all gone now :/ You mentioned legal action, the only thing is I signed a contract excepting all responsibility plus it was in Belgium they work differently over there to here i dont think there is anything i can really do im not sure how i can help you but i will in any way i can any questions you have or advise. i will be sure to answer you more quickly this time too ;) x
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Really? A lift?

I would get a second opinion before you go through with it.

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I'm sorry you're so unhappy with your result! It looks like some doctors have responded to your question in the Q&A community. Has that helped at all? They seemed to say either 1. That your results aren't showing yet and you need to wait 3 to 6 months total for everything to settle. 2. That a crescent lift wasn't the right option for you (nice to know now, huh?).

Have you asked your surgeon if you can have a topical steriod to put on the rash. That would probably clear it up within a couple of days (I get rashes at the slightest aggravation to my skin and that's what I do).

I know I can't see your breasts in person and that this isn't how you're feeling, but I think your breasts looks really pretty! The one nipple does look a bit stretched, but I think the rash is making it all seem a lot worse, too.

Keep us posted! Sorry you're sad. Virtual hugs!

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Hi angiemcc .
Thank you for your comments
i have since spoke to my surgeon who said he thinks i will have to have a lollypop lift on the one with the crescent.
i am so upset and furious as this was never discuses in my consultation the crescent lift wasnt even discuses. all he said was to make them the same size ( as one was slightly bigger) was to put a bigger implant in so he only said about the crescent two mins before i went it to surgery .not explaining any of the risks about distorting my areola or getting bigger or shape of my breast possibly changing, and didnt say it was to lift a sagging breast just talked about the nipple so it would inline with my other.hes now saying i tried to lift the breast a bit with out giving you to much scaring and is sorry but he thinks its failed?:( i dont want to have all the scaring .especially as i dont think i was even saggy enough and
if it was surly he would of said in my first meeting with him. i just cant understand why he would say this now. any ideas?:( hes saying he will fix it for free but again i dont want all the scaring .i just dont know what to do .i feel so lost. i need to get some more pics on too cause these dont actually show how bad it is. would you take a look later to day see what you think once they are on?
thanks so much
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Additional photos that were attached to the discussion post:

my breasts before breast implants. right (left in picture) was slightly bigger. nipple hung 1 1/2 cm lower. as you can also see my nipples where more a less the same size and shape ,unlike now where they are completely different!

my right (your left, in pic) areola totally distorted, i am devastated :(

Side angle,where you can really see the drooping!!!(furthest from camera) why does it look like that?please help :(

my left breast from the side (its the one that is on the right in all the pics) look how perky it is. please help not seeing surgeon for 3 weeks he said its to hard to tell on pictures!

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how do i put new pics one can anyone help!??!
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Hi Dolly,

The best way to post pics is to start sharing your story in a review. You can add as many photos as you want there. Here's a link to get you started.

Hope this helps!


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