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Anxious & Excited Tummy Tuck on July 11,2012

  • Lolame
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • 2 years ago

Aaaaahhhh Oh Emmm Geee!! I'm doing it, I will be having my tt on Wed July 11th.  I'm so excited, and so nervous.  I am 34 years old and have 3 kids, my youngest is almost 10, and I tied my tubes after he was born.  I hate my ugly tummy and about two years ago wanted this surgery, then got cold feet.  My sister had it a little over a year ago and looks amazing.  I have done lots of research and asked lots of questions.  I think my biggest fears are swelling and constipation.  For swelling looks like lots and lots and lots of water and compression garments, and for the C monster, I have decided to take MiraLAX durring my recovery just to be on the safe side. I also know emotions will run deep and I might feel depressed or stressed out with the slow recovery, between my sister, my amazing husband and my boys I think I will be ok.  I have done my pre-op and have all my meds, I feel like a woman getting ready to have a baby with her little bags packed by the door.  It's fun and exciting and nice treating myself to pj's and slippers, new pillows and blankets!! I'm 6 days away and getting a little nervous.  I find mostly at night before bed I get anxious and scared then in the mornings I'm excited and feel like I can do this. Oh and I'm doing it, I've paid in full and have vacation time at work.  It's like I'm in the roller coaster and they have pulled the lever.... I'm going up up up the steep drop off and just waiting for the drop... too late to turn back now!!!