Anxiety and depression

  • coulditbe
  • 1 year ago

I had my implants placed 03 April 2012.  I never slept comfortable after having implants.  From 5 months I started having severe panic attacs and insomnia.  Due to the fact that I am not sleeping I have now been diagnosed with depression.  My implants do not have complications.  Phycologically I am aware of them 24 hours a day and I loved sleeping on my tummy.  I want to know if anyone has had severe axiety and insomnia after implants and symptoms got better after explant. I am terrified of going for an operation again, but at the same time want them out if they are causing my symptoms. I am by nature someone who worries about things, but had never in my life been so anxious.  I was normally able to sleep easily, never even knew what insomnia was like.  Please advise if anyone's symptoms improved after explant and did you need any further treatment after?