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antidepressent meds and smartlipo

  • Swilliams987
  • Roseville, CA
  • 3 years ago

I am getting this done on saturday and I am being treated for depression/anxiety with zoloft, wellbutrin and xanax as needed  The doctor told me to stop wellbutrin and xanax 2 weeks prior and said that i was ok to continue taking zoloft  Has anyone had this procedure while on an anti-depressant?

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Dont go off meds!! Call your psychiatrist about possible drug interactions. Most will tell you the risk of being off meds is higher than the surgery risk. I'm on lithium and effexor. No issues with the smartlipo procedure. Rely on you prescribing doc not the surgeon for guidance.
I was on Prozac and had to get off it for 2 weeks prior to procedure. The doc explained that some anti-depressants interact in a negative way with the lidocaine and being on both at the same time puts a big strain on your heart...sounded like a chance I didn't want to take so I weaned off before I had my procedure.

I think your doctor should know about the interactions and be able to properly advise you.  They are very careful about giving patients information about interactions.   I know that Xanax would not be a good idea so that was great advice.  On your Zoloft interactions paperwork, does it tell you not to take pain medication?  

I take wellbutrin and was never advised to stop it. My surgery was fine.

Sorry, I don't have any personal experience, but since your doctor knows what medications you're on he will presumably dose the lidocaine accordingly. However, you should definitely mention any concerns before your surgery. You can never be too careful!

You may also want to post your question on the Doctor Q&A Forum for some advice.

Good luck tomorrow!