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Can anyone answer a few tt questions for me?

  • Melisrw78
  • Ca
  • 2 years ago

I was wondering if my abdominal strength with improve with muscle repair? Right now my core feels so weak and exercising it makes be a bit nauseous. Also will my waist feel longer? Right now I feel like I have an empty sack in my lap. And final question what exercises can I do pre-op to make my abs more defined post surgery?

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Awesome I can't wait for my stomach to reflect how athletic I am instead of looking like the only workout I do are 12oz curls with my coronas. I just look like I have a big empty sac after three large 10lb babies. I'm so excited and i go in december, kinda a ways off but works with scheduling. Thanks so much
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There isn't much you can do pre op, post op once you heal properly you will feel so tight as if you have an internal corset and amazing core muscles.. Just wait, you are going to be shocked how strong you will feel after the muscle repair! You will feel taller and yes your waist will feel longer. You are going to feel amazing in so many ways.. When is your surgery?
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