Another question about tear trough fillers

  • annie7
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • 2 months ago

I have read a lot about these and many have been somewhat older posts, not all, but mainly the ones where the client isn't so happy with the results.  My son's wedding is in just about 4 weeks.  I have had fillers in my puppet lines, I'm a regular user of botox for my forhead and to give me a slight eye lift.  Last but not least, I had a facelift almost six years ago.  I would just like some opinions.  Do you think it's wise to do this this soon before the wedding?  And, how long after the filler does one look not so swollen?  Thanks so much for any replies.

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Thanks for the responses. I chickened out. I feel great about how I look, so that's enough for now.
If you go with one of the HA fillers (restylane is usually used in that area I believe) they can undo the results if they are less than optimal. I think you have enough time still before the wedding. I'm sure you know this, but the person doing the procedure is what's most important. Also, swelling should be a week, max. I say a week because of the area. It's usually a couple days.
I have had a little Botox at the corners of my eyes and between the eyes and that seems to work well most of the time. I have had some eye pulling type if look if it's not done just right. Anyway I thought I'd try a filler under the eyes... I wish I didn't, I bruised right away and I look puffy a week later with worse dark circles. I'm hoping it'll get better, but it isn't looking good. I wouldn't do under the eyes anytime before a big event! You may end up looking worse. I thought there may be a little swelling or bruising but not big bags and worse looking dark circles that now the skin texture looks weird. I can't wait till it goes away. I will update if I see any improvement or get worse. It was restilyn by the way. I feel like I threw my money in the garbage. I hope you have better luck than I did if you decide to do it.