Anesthesia fears

  • 3 years ago

Is going under anesthesia your biggest fear about getting your tummy tuck? If so, check in here and let's commiserate and encourage each other.

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SO I WENT TO MY CONSUTLT AND ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS BUT WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO ANESTHESIA NO DOCTOR WANT'S TO DO A SPINAL Block as of 3/12/14 I have had a consult with DR. Andrew Newman great doctor very helpful but he want to do a full tummy tuck under GENERAL ANESTHESIA , I'm afraid of general anesthesia I am having nightmares and panic attacks I'm traveling and saving up my money for a awake tummy tuck sorry . But every thing that's IS FREE is not always good I learned my lesions and death and harvest of my organs won't be another lesion i'll be learning .
Personally, I stayed in the US local and just spent the extra money. I don't think I would want to go under in another country. I had no fears of the anesthesia. In general it is VERY safe.
i am experiencing the "i am going to die and never see my kids again" fear because of the anesthesia. my tt is scheduled a month from today.. i try to keep good thoughts but the anxiety is too much to handle
I was scared to death to have a general anesthetic. In fact, more than the surgery itself and the aftercare following my tummy tuck. There is really nothting to it. They give you a mask and you are out before you even know it. I was out in 1 second. You wake up feeling tired/sleepy and where the time went . . . you have no idea!! I awoke to a flat tummy! Now, it really doesnt get better than that ! Oh, I threw up 7 or so times, which sucked.

Thanks for your input, Katgirl. Great guidance on the constipation issue. I think we need a constipation forum thread! :)

I had my TT March 5th. To be honest, It wasn't bad at all and almost funny. I had to take one of my Antibiotic pills. you get a shot (since you're under more than 1 hour) but once on the Operating Table, yes you are nervous but there are 3 or 4 people in that room with scrubs on that appear to know what the heck they are doing! haha. I was strapped down and an IV Put in my hand. The plastic oxygen mask goes over your nose.. you're still wide awake and even able to talk while they are moving around and setting up the monitors etc..while you're listening and talking about whatever the conversation is're suddenly gone.. the next time you wake up you're in a recovery room with clothes on. and you're still drawsy when you get home but nothing like deep sleep. You will be fine! It's local.... these people know wwhat they are doing :) just remember try not to take so many pain pills if you can help it because you will get Stopped up Really fast and it's the WORST Feeling EVER!!!
I've been under lots of times, and usually get sick. I was worried about being sick this time too.

They gave me some anti-nausea drugs along with the anesthesia and other stuff. They also gave me gravol to take home, but I never used it. I never felt nauseous at all this time, so was surprised.
Hey I am a prep and recovery room nurse and I still get nervous and anxious about having any kind of surgery. This is all normal to have all of these feelings and nothing is going to make them go away.
You will just have to "bite the bullet" and just do it.
Know that you will get the greatest nap in.
Your emotions are all naturally normal to have and I am sure that you are helping all kinds of women know that they are not the only ones who are scared and nervous.
I believe we all have similar fears. I am scared shi***** for 3/16/11 to come around. I have read up like we all have, I am sure. Some messages boards and websites and info scare me more than others. I have been under once before for like 1-2 hours a couple of years ago to remove a spot along my c-section scar which turned out to be endometreosis. (that is so spelled wrong but I don't care). I remember being anxious, but more anxious about why I had a lump rather than the local I was getting. But I was ok, it was over in what seemed like a minute and I wasn't sick. I do get sick with the c-sections, unsure why. I have decided that this is it and I am doing this for me and I will go to sleep and wake up and it will be over. It will seem like like I was out for no time at all. If I let the fear win, then I lose. I throw out a bunch of money, I continue to feel bad about how I look, I hate my body ect....Get it, I lose. I have started postitive self talk and I feel better. I am glad we all feel nervous it makes this process much easier.
Yes I have "gone under" more times than I'd like to count. I actually consider it the easy part for the patient.

General rule is if you have a really good and reputable surgeon, he or she has a relationship with an equally qualified anesthesiologist.

You will be fine! Best Wishes!!
That is pretty much how i remember it. Hope it was a help! You will be just fine, good luck!
I have "gone under" few times and it going to be ok.
They put something in your iv to relax...this is when sometimes you get goofy funny and say things that makes everyone laugh....then you laugh with them. Laughing always makes you fee better!
After they wheel you on the stretcher into the operating room, they will have you wiggle slide onto the cold table.
There will be lots of nurses and assistants all gowned and gloved getting trays ready and whatnot.
The anesthesiologist will be talking to you and will sit by your head monitoring you the whole operation.
Someone will be putting a blood pressure cuff on your arm and someone else maybe on the other side put your finger on the pulse thingy.
It will seem like lots of people are just busy moving around doing their thing and while this is going on the anesthsiologist will ask you a question or ask you to count backwards from 100 and while your talking you just fall asleep because the med was injected while you counted.
You do not dream and you do not know any time has gone by when you wake up.
They wake you in the recovery room where your going to be surpised that its all done already. To you it feels like you were just counting.
I have been under a few times and the only thing that worries me about going under is throwing up when coming out of it. I always puke pretty bad when I wake up, so I was worried about that since I am going to get the muscles sewn back together throwing up is probably not the best thing for that. But I talked about it with my PS and he said that they would take great measures to make sure that didn't happen this time, and now I am confident that I won't. It is scary being put under, but it really isn't all that bad. I hope your nerves get better!
I have several "biggest fears" about my TT.. however, I am pretty nervous about the anesthesia... I have never been under for anything, and so it does cause me a great deal of anxiety. I know that its safer then driving a car and blah blah blah... but, that doesnt take any of the nerves away. The only thing that comforts me is that it is one of those things that I think most people get nervous about. Kind of like flying... whenever I get anxious on a plane I just stop and remember there are probably 10 other people freaking out on the inside too and for some strange reason that makes me feel better. Weird I know... but, whatever works! I already put down 1/2 of my fee so something better work cause my a$$ is going under whether I want to or not :)