Anesthesia fears

  • 3 years ago

Is going under anesthesia your biggest fear about getting your mommy makeover? If so, check in here and let's commiserate and encourage each other.

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San Francisco,

It's scary for a lot of women! In the Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back Webinar we just held, Anesthesia fears was the number one fear for women polled. You'll get through it though, and wake up and then have to deal with recovery. lol. What I"m trying to say is, you'll do great!

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I am sooooo with you!! I keep second guessing myself, I have a 6 year old son and think What if? it kills me to think that i would not be here for him. I have been told that it is so much better than it was even a few years ago, but still very nervouse. My surgury is schedueled May 31st and i have too much time to worry about this. I am hoping that i will calm down before then. I am getting this done in a hospital and spending the night, so feel a bit better about that, but then clots and the breathing thing due to tightness really concernes me as well. I am not a young mother will be 47 when i go in, to then i even worry more.
We will be ok. I know we will, but I over anylis things all the time anyway, so this is going to be a very interesting few months.
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