How soon will I be up and out of the house after a mommy makeover

  • Jae9
  • Landisville, PA
  • 1 year ago

I'm scheduling my surgery for April...either the 3 or the 24th. Obviously I'd like it sooner rather then waiting til the end of the month. My son is in a play on April 14th and my daughter is hosting a function on April 20th. Will I be up and ready to attend both things if I have my surgery on the 3rd? Both functions my husband will be attending with me and I plan on walking very little and sitting a lot. Also, each putting will only be approx 2.5 hours and within 10 minutes of my house. Will this be do-able on post-op days 11 and 17?

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I think so, you will still be in some pain, sore and swollen but it is probably doable. I had my surgery and then t 11 days post op went to my sons chorus concert. I did ok and rested before and after. My main problem was finding something to wear! Good luck!
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Thanks for your post! I think the answer to this varies with each individual. For the first function I would say to really rest up and not do anything else that day at all. You might still have drains as well, so prepare your outfit accordingly (though you'll hopefully have them out). Keep us posted!

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