And Docs For XL Breast Implants In Toronto, Canada?

  • cdvbarbie
  • Toronto, ON
  • 2 years ago

I currently have Cohesive Gel "Gummibear" Implants that are 525 ccs. I want to go bigger, at least 800ccs yet I cannot find a doctor in Toronto that specializes in XL implants. I cannot travel anywhere out of Ontario in the near future, so a surgeon in Toronto is necessary. Thanks so much.

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Hi cdvbarbie,
how are the gummibear implants, when were they done and what size is 525 ccs? Are they more expensive then going with the other types of implants and were you happy after getting it done besides the fact that you now want them bigger? Do you feel that you went with the best type? I'm looking into getting some implants one day trying to find out the best way to go!
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Hi there,

I'm not sure doctors specialize in certain size implants. As far as I know, all board certified plastic surgeons can work with any size. Are you finding resistance with doctors not WANTING to do 800ccs on anyone?

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Hi Angiemcc, actually doctors do specialize in XL implants, which are overfilled salines. There are a handful of doctors that do this. Silicone implants are limited to the 800cc, unless someone travels out of the U.S.
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HI Brittany, Thanks for the information! Do you have a list of doctors that specialize in XL implants?

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Dr. Revis (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - my doctor which I highly recommend. I have 800cc implants o/f to 1600cc. Dr. Pousti (San Diego, CA) - I know women that have used and like him. Dr. Pelletiere (Illinois) - have spoken to women that like him.

Also, Possibly Dr. Lawrence Foster (South Lake Tahoe), Possibly Dr. Linder (Beverly Hills). I say "possibly" because I have not discussed with any women these doctors, however, I am seeing women on a site I also converse on who have 1000cc or more having used these doctors.
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