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How often, for how long and the amount of time after smartlipo should you massage?

  • Dri
  • Toronto, ON
  • 3 years ago

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I went about 2 weeks afer smartlipo. I just had her do gental massage do to the nerve irritation. I went once a week to help with that. It did help tons. But I would talk with your doc. What area's did you have done?
Thank you for your information on massages. I will get one this week.

I got my arms, inner thighs, flanks, knees and stomach done. Im not big by any means but just had little pockets of fat that would not respond to excercise.

Im 42, 5'6, 133pds. With SL I have lost 1pd and about half an inch in most places. Im only 12 days out so Im hoping to see more results in the next couple of months. I just dont have any patiences. :)

Hi Dri -- Have you had a chance to try the massages yet?

I have been doing ultrasonic and infrared massage everyday with a handheld massager. I have also been having Velashape every week. I see little improvement in the bumps. I am currently at the 2month mark so we will continue to wait and see. :)

Hi Dri - here are a number of doctor answers to questions about massage following Smartlipo.  

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