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Does the Aluma get real results for wrinkles?

  • Melanie B
  • 7 years ago

Does aluma work on wrinkles? my esthetician is selling it hard!

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If the Aluma treatments are given in a dermatologist's office, and that doctor is board-certified and experienced, you should not have any significant side effects. You would also get better results.
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Hi My very first wrinkle treatment experience was a very bad one with a treatment that is not supposed to have any side effects.. i tried the ALUMa treatment at a spa it was 1200 for three sessions.. I was so excited! as soon as the procedure was over my eyes became blurry and blew up like a frog! it was frighting! four days later no relief! went to the doctor and was diagnosed with chemical conjunctivites.. I called the spa and they were VERy rude and refused to give me the remaining amount of my money back for the other two procedure that i did not have done yet. My advice to anyone go to a dermatoligist i dont care how fancy and clean the spa is! this probably is a good procedure when done by someone with experience..
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Oh my gosh, I was just considering aluama and your comment has made me think twice (no, 3 times) about getting it done. Hope your're feeling better soon
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I hope you did not decide to not get the treatment, and that you went to an experienced doctor for the treatment.
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