What Alternatives are there to ClearChoice?

  • Megan P
  • 1 year ago

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Hi, I was curious about Clear Choice. Some years back I was treated by Dr. Stuart Graves when he had a small (2 office) practice in northern Virginia. Several years ago he started putting full page ads in the Washington Post. Since I'm home bound waiting for the effects of Hurricane Sandy I thought I'd take the time and satisfy my curiosity. I've had about 12 implants now starting in 1995. Dr. Grave's practice early in the 2000s was the same; they discussed the finances up front. I don't think there isn't anything disreputable with this. It's best to know what you're in for at the start. Considering what the bill has been so far the $35,000 - $50,000 sadly isn't out of line. My work so far probably comes to that and all my work is about one half my mouth. I'm seventy and early on I began to wear away my teeth from bruxism. Living in the Washington DC area I was fortunate to have the VA address my dental erosion after retirement. I saw a nationally renown periodontist, Dr. Peter Neff. In the 1980's they would grind down your teeth to cones and mount caps and bridges. Many of the teeth needed posts and cores as there wasn't enough to cement a crown onto. I wore plastic false teeth for several years; it was extremely uncomfortable. The entire process took over four years. Fifteen years after finishing everything started deteriorating so I had to go through a gradual replacement of almost everything up till last year. Given a choice of nothing, dentures, the earlier treatment or implants my 'clear choice' would be implants. in 1995 my first implant involved waiting over 6 months for the implant to 'take.' Now the time has been halved. I suspect that like any process as it becomes more popular will encourage more dentists into the field and prices will go down. Nevertheless I can't imagine how miserable and uncomfortable I'd be without the implants. The destination was well worth the journey. If I need more I will gladly undergo the inconvenience.

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The cost of those dental implants are unbelievably expensive!, I'll never be able to afford those, and never ever getting them at this facility!... that is just outragious! $29,300!!! I could have bought a very nice car, started a business or completed college and I can't even afford a college education at this time, I bet they have far less clients than the few they have, we have far more things in life to worry about than just putting all financial emphasis on our teeth. I will find a way to be happy and pay for an affordable cosmetic dentistry when I can
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Please google Dr Cavallini, San Jose, Costa Rica. Go to Topix, Costa Rica Dental forum.
There are econimical options available to one and all. When you see the web site of Dr Cavillini, you might be swayed. Keep in mind that other Professionals are also living and working outside of the United States.Keep in mind , where was the first heart transplant done? (One answer, not the States)
I went to Clear Shoice in Dallas and did not meet with a Dentist, my first 3 hours were spent to see if I could afford the price and seeking options of payment plans. I do not know about you, but what I want is someone , a professional , looking out for my needs , not just how much they can make from me.
I found that by going to Costa Rica and to Dr Cavillini. Please Google Dr Cavillini, San Jose, Costa Rica. Better yet go to Topix,Costa Rica, forums, dental.
I did that and found a clinic that cared about me. I was faced with how to make monthly p-ayments of over $400.00 a month to pay for Clear Choice. I had to look for other options, and I did, and found, a better option..
Having lived out of the States, I am not scared of going, or understanding a foriegn country.. Just as in the States there are professionals, there are professionals and proud of what they do in other countries. The other countries do not have the same restrictions, taxes and liabilities that cost Professionals in the States and their Insursurance costs ( which are added to your bill)
I am a very satisfied customer of Dr Cavillini, check out his credentials on the web site.
I love my teeth , my smile, which was always there before, but hidden. Hidden no more, please do not let the thought of going to a foriegn country scare you. Professionals are all over the world, finding the best, and with Dr Cavillini , finding some one who cares, is worth the search.
2 years,12 implants, a Dr. who cares.....worth the one fourth cost that you will be paying when you go to Dentists in the States. Make your choice, I did and I still have no monthly payments, I was able to pay in cash.
Think about it, $50,000. or if you catch them on a good day (hey read the forum) depending n the time of year, it might be cheaper. I do not know about you, but I want to pay the same costs as anyone else, or know why I am paying more, or if I shoud come at the end of the year when taxes are being paid,....or what the heck, what is my cost, me, not the others that flow through here?????? Really,I read the forums, and realized that others had gotten "discounts" by asking, or applying at the end of the year, before taxes??? Really, read every page of the forum, gather you thoughts..come up with your own answers, aren't there are what the forums about? To learn from someone else, and then to determine if they are legitimate? I am, I sent a panoramic or realize that there are good and excellent Professionals all over ther world. You just need to look.

I am pretty sure that I have said the same thing over and over. I do not apoligize, I only want you to know the=at ther are affordable, professional options available.
I will continue to keep in touch, any questions, please throw my way,.....
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I was reading your post please pass along the info for going to Costa Rica to dental work done
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Dear Zib, You strike me as genuine. I'm a 46 year old female, living on social security. Can u share with me how much you paid for your implants in Costa Rica, please? I'm deathly afraid of having to get upper dentures, and until I started reading a few posts regarding getting work done outside the U.S., I felt that implants would be absolutely out of my reach. You've given mean glimmer if hope that I might be able to restore my smile, self-esteem, and potentially, my life. I realize I may sound a bit melodramatic, but it's that serious for me. Sincerely, Robin *********@*******l.com

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If you are in need of dental work and know it and are within driving distance of a dental school (I use the UT Health Science Center Dental School in San Antonio), go on their web site and apply online to be a patient. Alll students of the dental school (3rd and 4th year) are overseen by dental teachers. You will need a little more time for each procedure but costs are way cheaper than public dentists even with insurance. Crowns average about $350 and each implant will be about $700. Adult braces come in at about $3500. I am happy with the work and the price that I have received from them.
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hi!!! happy to know that u can be a patient for dental school students...how do i find one? i live here in south san francisco...and would be glad if you can help me how to find one...appreciate ur help...thanks....i really need implant badly....again...thnx
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Dental implants cost a lot, they do but at the same time it is said that dental implantology is one of the most innovative procedures which has a long-lasting effect, people feel comfortable and confident. Solution? More and more people are going abroad for dental implants.

Lithuania is one of the fastest growing destination for dental implants abroad as it provides quality for good price. You may want to check one of the leading clinics in Lithuania nordimplant.com

Of course at first site it is daunting to go god knows where even if you can save loads of money. Thus one should do some reading on a clinic, medics working there, as many comments of people who actually had surgery done there is a must.
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